Anyone apply for the Frontier Nursing University 112 class for Spring 2013??

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    Hi! Just curious if anyone has applied for this class.... It would be nice to meet each other
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    I applied for the FNP class 110, so I'd be a cohort in front of you. I'm excited! Congrats on applying.
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    I applied to 112 and I think the wait to find out might just kill me haha!
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    yay!!! I know the wait is going to be torture! We won't know until around January! Hopefully we can find out sooner!
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    I just finished up my application for class 112. It was a fairly easy process, but I had to write the portfolio which took awhile. I also applied to USA. There are positives and negatives for both programs for me; however, Frontier definitely has a great reputation. I am praying I get into at least one of them, and then I hope there is crossover if I get accepted into both so I can decide between the two. Nothing like dreaming big! One of the Frontier admissions reps told me that if they close a class to new applicants early, they decide on who to accept about 8 weeks after the date of closure. That woud be great.
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    If what you said about a class closing early and they decide sooner, then that would be perfect for me, since its been 3 weeks since my class closed. Yay!
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    Mystyque One-- Have you heard anything yet?!

    chiroRN- yes, I almost applied to USA as well- but I had a bad taste in my mouth from the attitudes of several people I've spoken with- I've also read some bad reviews! Hopefully we both get accepted to 112! How many years have you been an RN?
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    Hi PaigeRN, I applied to Class 110, not 112. I haven't heard anything yet. I did learn that as soon as a decision is made, we should know... And this was from the admission rep. I also asked them about their technology needs since I don't have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch... I have an Android Phone and would like to not have to purchase another device if I don't have to. I'll hear back this week regarding that. I'm super excited... Can't wait to hear good news, I pray.
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    I saw someplace on Frontiers website that macs arent suggested as they do not have the support team for it....hth!
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    I saw that too, but I'm not talking about the laptop. They require an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch for clinical. But I'm hoping that their software is compatible with the Android OS.