Baltimore patient left at bus stop middle night 30 degree wearing just hospital gown - page 3

Lack of compassion for troubled patient...University of Maryland Medical Center investigation underway. Karen From CNN Patient left at cold bus stop at night, wearing only a hospital gown... Read More

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    Hospitals are ACUTE. CARE. FACILITIES. Not daycares. Not babysitters. Not SNFs. Not ALFs. Not homeless shelters.
    I work in a hospital not unlike the hospital in the article. Innercity hospital with large population of drug addicts, vagrants, mentally ill, high crime etc. People are constantly trying to utilize the hospital for shelter and food because its better than jail or the homeless shelter. We have a very large psych floor and a seperate psych ED. But even still the floor is always full, the psych ED always so full the regular ED takes overflow. So the bar is set high for admission, the net simply isn't large enough to catch everyone.

    Obviously we dont know the whole story with this woman but just having a psychiatric diagnosis isn't enough to gain admission to the hospital. Also if a doctor wants to 939 someone here in NY they have a right to appear in front of a judge to petition for their release within a certain amount of time. So a doctor goes and involuntarily commits someone only to have a judge release them shortly after..why do that when that coveted bed could have went to someone who actually meets admission criteria and actually wants to get better? Not to mention people with chronic, severe and debilitating mental illness need to be in a place that can treat them long term. Acute care hospitals aren't the place for that. My hospital sends people out to state hospitals(assuming they have a bed available) if they haven't improved after a certain amount of time.

    Its so easy to point fingers and assign blame to this hospital without knowing what really happened. This woman had her clothes. I find it pretty outlandish that hospital staff threw her out of the hospital without giving her the opportunity to change.