WILL The Program Accept Me if I Did PTI 2 yrs AGO?

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    I was in a bad relationship with a successful Person a few years back. I got caught up in his business and ended up doing PTI 2 years ago... I'm having the arrest expunged, but what do I put on APP?? DO I EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO GET INTO A NURSING PROGRAM?It was for theft, which was my rent money and posession , which were His scripts hat I held as a partner.... Is this going to be too much for the Board? I am an excellent student and have made a complete turn around in my life. I have a child, volunteer, meditate, work. I am not lazy and very compassionate.... Any SUGGESTIONS?

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    In Mississippi if you have the record is expunged you have no problems with the BON.
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    You should have no problems.

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