Will I be able to get my license if I am currently on probation?

  1. Hello Nurses! I am new to the site. I have some questions about my current situation that
    I was hoping somebody might have the answers to. I am getting ready to graduate from the NYC LPN program. I have a 7 year old criminal record. Misdomeanor assault (domestic violence). The charges are from a different state. The problem is that I never finished my probation...so i just recently went to court and had my probation reinstated. I am currently on probation in the state of AZ (i live and go to to school in NY)... I am taking Domestic Violence classes here in NY...as soon as I finish the classes the charges will be dismissed. I am so scared that I am not going to be able to get my license. Does anybody have any advise/information? I graduate in June and hope to take the NCLEX in August...my probation should be over in December.
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  3. by   Shorty11
    I would suggest seeking counsel. Contact a lawyer familiar in manners related to criminal records, probation, etc. as it relates to nursing licensure in your particular state.