What to check off when you have a DWAI on your job application?

  1. I am from New York City.

    I have recently obtained my license to practice as a RN. I have been applying all over, but I have hesitated every single time I came across the question, "Have you ever been convicted of a crime or offense?"

    I have been charged with a DWAI as of this year, which were actually lowered from a DWI conviction. I do not want to risk any of my chances to be dismissed over this nightmare of a mistake. I have learned from this the day I was arrested and I came to realize how many people I will be disappointing along with myself and my future.

    I understand that a DWI/DUI will be considered a misdemeanor/felony.
    I also understand that a DWAI is a traffic infraction.

    What I don't understand is how would I answer a question like that considering a DWAI still shows up on your background check, but does not imply you have a criminal or offense record?

    Do I check off no, and when the time comes, explain to them what happened?
    Do I just check off yes and explain to them how or what it is that happened?

    I do not want to disclose any information unless needed. I had no trouble repeating what occurred for my NCLEX and if a DWAI is required to be reported, I would like to know, so I can properly fill out my applications.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and replying!!
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    You need to seek the advice of a lawyer as to how to answer these questions, as we can't give legal advice.

    Best of luck.