Passed NCLEX, now what?

  1. 0 I took the NCLEX June 24th and passed with 75 questions (for Illinois). Exactly a week later I recieved the letter stating "I am prohibited to practice until the issue of my license". I have received a class A misdemeanor about 5 years ago the first week I turned 18 because I was with a group of girls who thought it was okay to steal (I still take full responsibility for being irresponsible and allowing myself in that situation. Anyways, I sent in the required documents and letter of explanation prior to taking the NCLEX and got okay'd to sit for boards. I was under the impression that was them approving and that was the end of it, until I got the letter saying I am prohibited to practice until I received my license. I was wondering how long it took other or if anyone knew how long it takes for them to look over my license application to see if I will be approved because I was supposed to start orientation tomorrow (which is now pushed back 2 weeks because I did not have the proper letter)... really frustrating and this immature action still haunts me 5 years later....
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