Nurse with two misdemeanor theft...can't get a job HELP!

  1. I just got my license as a LVN and I've applied every where had a few really good interviews until the issue about my criminal background came up. I shoplifted from the mall in 2008 I was 18 young and stupid! They are both Class B theft misdemeanors, I cannot get them expunged or a non-disclosure from my record because I chose to serve jail time instead of probation (bad decision!) Now I'm in a bind anyone else have something similar as me and has gotten a job? How'd you do it? My last resort is asking for pardon for my crime by filling out a pardon application but it's such a long process grrrrr, HELP!
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  3. by   ohmy5252
    I am in the same situation, and just am wondering what happened? Did you find a nursing job? Thanks.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Unfortunately, you will have a hard time getting hired in a lot of places with shoplifting convictions, especially in facilities that serve vulnerable populations such as seniors. Nurses with theft convictions do get hired, but it's on you to prove to potential employers how you have learned and grown from your mistakes and that you are trustworthy...which given both your record and the fact that the job market is saturated with nurses unhindered by a criminal record, will be an uphill battle for you.

    We can't give legal advice here at AN per our Terms of Service--since expungment isn't an option, you would need to talk with an attorney to see what options you do have. It may be that the pardon is your best chance.

    Best of luck.