New Grad w/ DUI in CA

  1. Hi guys!
    In a nutshell, I graduated from nursing school last year in June and was denied my license for a DUI I had in 2008. I appealed the denial in July and finally after many months signed a stipulated agreement in January 2014. I am now waiting on the board to approve my stipulated agreement.

    Im just wondering if any of you know how long it takes for the board to approve the signed stipulated agreement? Also, how has it been finding a job??

    I still have hopes of getting into a new grad program, hopefully they'll move fast enough to where I still qualify as a new grad..

    This has been a never ending experience and I just want to get it over with.. Any advice is much appreciated. Thnx.
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  3. by   MyCityLights
    Hi On E,

    So you had a DUI in 2008? I had a DUI in 2006. I'm not a new grad but getting a probationary license would be nightmare for me. Do you mind if I ask if you had any extenuating circumstances why they didn't grant you an unrestricted license? Were you eligible for or did you have your DUI expunged? Ahh this is my biggest fear. Hope all is well with you!
  4. by   3rdeyeRN
    Hi On E,

    I am going through the same thing. I was told by the deputy attorney general that it usually only takes a couple days to be approved by the BRN. After that it is usually forwarded to the licensing department and if you've passed the NCLEX they will give you a date to look for your license to be posted on the Breeze system. I've heard from others that it takes a month, but I'm not quite there yet so I'm not positive. My agreement is in the process of approval right now. If anyone else has info on job prospects and what the market is like for new grads on probation, I would love to hear from you as well!
  5. by   EMNMRN
    At what point did u take the NCLEX?