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I'll try to make this as short as possible. When I was a brand new nurse I kept making mistakes on my first month on the floor. My manager had then fired me and reported me to the board of nursing.... Read More

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    The only person I know who went through something similar gave up and opened her own business as a health care recruiter, mostly NPs and PAs, and occasionally allied health positions. She is apparently doing extremely well.

    Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? I think the likelihood of being hired by anyone capable of doing a background check is quite slim. No offense, but here's an unpleasant reality check: at my last place of employment, HR would have shredded your application before it ever made the rounds of the hiring committees. In other words, I'm surprised you are even getting interviews. I'd be shocked if you were hired.

    good luck in whatever you pursue.

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    There are so many nurses looking for jobs right now, employers can pick and choose at will. When I graduated nursing school, there was indeed a nursing shortage and employers took anybody with a nursing license. I know of nurses who made serious errors, like straight pushing potassium, etc., that kept their jobs, but again, this was in a nursing shortage. I have also know hospitals that hire nurses with stipulations on their license, so it may be that you are in a very competitive area where there are few jobs available. Keep trying, but also study your basic nursing books at home so you don't forget stuff.
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    I have a warning with stipulations on my license. Long story short, patient under my care fell during change of shift. He hurt his head and I got reported to by BON. My only stipulation really is monitoring. I have completed my required courses, the only thing I need to do is be monitored for 1 year and im done.... So i think, but I can't even get hired anywhere so how can I be monitored if i cant work?

    How has it been for you? Have you been able to clear your license?

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