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Hello everyone, So I finally got my NCLEX results and passed! The bad part.. My license will be delayed until the board has completed an evaluation on my past convictions. The only thing I have on my... Read More

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    I am in Ca. I had a background issue with an infraction for disturbing the peace. The board had to finish their review prior to releasing my plastic license or a temp. I got my letter requesting additional info from the court in March of 2012. I set my exam for April 27 and my file was approved once they had my results showing that I passed. I got the ok from the board on May 6th and I drove to Sacramento the next business day and paid via check in person. I walked out with my temp license and my hard plastic came in the mail about a week later. So..over all.. the process took about 2 week after they had my passing results..on top of the 2 months they had my additional info from the court. Hope this info helps..but remember, they take each case on a solo basis and your could take a different amount of time. Good luck.

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    Thanx for all the replies.. Just wanted to give an update on my situation.. I received my letter that my license was on hold as of August 24 on August 28 I got a letter saying I was cleared to get my license. I went down the next day and picked up my temp. I don't know if I got lucky or what but the whole process took only 4 days!! Yay!! I'm official now...

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