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Lpn acceptance after pti

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I just have a question...im not looking for legal advice or anything but in march of 2007 at the age of 18 i was arrested for shoplifting 300-500; as a first time offender i was offered the option of pti (pre-trial intervention) to avoid a criminal record. I completed the program and was told i have no convictions just an arrest record. I have recently applied to my school for the lpn program and on the application i put down my arrest and also that i completed pti...what i'm wondering is what are the chances i will be admitted into the program with just that one arrest on my record. It isn't expunged and i do have an arrest record. The apps have been sent off for bg checks and off to the clinical sites for review; since my arrest i have held jobs that do extensive bg checks and it doesn't seem to be an issue i even had an fbi check and i was still hired. Btw i'm in louisiana if that helps. Thank you in advance for your input
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    I would try and get that expunged. the board of nursing will also ned an explantion in writing and then decide if you can take the NCLEX for licensing.