Infractions...who knows anything about them?

  1. hey everyone!

    with a lot of thought, i finally decided to post this cuz i couldn't find anything on the site regarding my situation or anything similar to it.

    anyway, let me first say that i am not asking for any legal advice! i just wanted to see if someone else went through what i went through and see what they did about it.

    basically, back in september 2009, i was parked in a metered parking spot with the handicap placard up. i just dropped my dad off in the front of the building and circled for parking. i parked at a meter (no special meter...just a basic meter where everyone can park) and was gathering my things when a police officer knocked on my window and pretty much gave me a ticket for displaying the handicap placard without the disabled person in the car. even after numerous attempts to explain that i had just dropped off my dad and that i was meeting him, he refused to believe me and wrote me up for a MISDEMEANOR! i didn't get arrested or anything...he just handed me the ticket and said, "see you in court."

    i was thinking about contesting it especially since my dad was with me and my dad was very upset about me getting a ticket in the first place. i decided not to go through with it because the DA struck me a deal beforehand and said the misdemeanor would be reduced to an infraction if i completed 24 hours of community service. this was AFTER i asked if he can postpone the court date so my dad could testify to say he was there. in the end, i also didn't want my dad to go through testifying cuz a 2 months after i got the ticket, he got diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and was in the hospital.

    i completed my community service and i now have court on the 26th to plea no contest for the infraction....but the million dollar question is....will this be shown on my background check? will it say the misdemeanor got reduced to the infraction? and lastly, should i tell the BON?

    the reason im asking is because i start nursing school this may and we're required to do our own background checks and submit it to the school. it also says that we have to report any prior misdemeanors or felonies even if they were expunged to the BON...but i originally got a misdemeanor but will be reduced to an infraction so does that mean i still have to report it to the BON?

    i know...this was long. im sorry...but i just wanted to see if anyone else out there got an infraction and reported it to the BON or if it ended up showing on their background check...

    im stressing out. i have a clean record (no tickets or anything either!) and this is the only thing that i have!
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  3. by   Racharina
    rocky, i am going through something similar than you... it is still pending and my second court date is 5/11. My lawyer is trying to lower it to an infraction or deferred. I was just accepted into nursing school, but they will run my background check. I wonder what is showing as now. After the 11 I will know what I my charges.

    In my case, I am being prosecuted for stealing chocolates. I put some bags at the top of my stroller (by the handlers) and forgot to pay for them. Really, I know no one believe me, but it happen. A month later of this, I got the acceptance letter from the nursing school.

    I don't know what is going to happen to me, but I wonder where are you at as now? Did you get in the school? The Nursing accepted you even with the infraction? I mean, is not like you stole anything. It is just a parking violation, but I don't know the severity of it.
  4. by   NurseDuright
    Always go to court. Often the police office won't even show up and the judge dismisses it. However, given the relatively "minor" offense, would it really bother your Dad to come withness for you and bring paper work to back up your story. Or even just bring the paper work from the appointment. In any case, don't just roll over for them, as it seems to be something they count on.

    I got a ticket for expired plates once (they weren't). I told the officer that I would be at court and he wouldn't and the judge was just going to throw it out! I get to court, the officer wasn't there, and the judge was having trouble controlling his grin when he read where the officer stated that I said the officer would not bother to show up in court! It was dismissed.
  5. by   baldee
    Its what the law does. They give reduced sentences to bogus charges that will otherwise cost you a lot if you do what is right. Then bone-headed states like GA will not reduce anything, even with a Presidential Pardon. Their arrest records look good, but they are extremely biased to a crooked system. The real crooks run free, and the law harasses everyone else to 'even' the score up. What else can you do if you are not rich and have unlimited time on your side? Nothing.

    Don't sweat it. Anyone can see you were cromagnumed. Anyway, BON will always see, hear, and know everything ever recorded your whole life regardless. And it is by no way the intent of the new legal exceptions. Just smile and thank the BON for the needless expense and the waste of your precious time (not really, but the subliminal smile says it all!).
  6. by   MCSS
    I doubt it will show up as anything but a nonmoving violation (since it is a parking ticket). The cop might not even show up and the judge may dismiss it all together. I would tell the BON just in case. Honesty is always better. Good luck to you and please let us know how it turns out.
  7. by   rocky16
    hey everyone!

    so i ended up going to court again to turn in my community service. the judge reduced the misdemeanor to an infraction and that was that. other than the "court tax" i had to pay, i didn't end up paying for any fines.

    i submitted my background check but the nursing director at school hasnt said anything yet. other people have told me not to worry about it because it's an infraction and not a misdemeanor. i haven't reported it to the BON because i was reading that it only requires me to report if i have a misdemeanor or felony, etc..

    i'm gonna double check with the director of my program esp since i start clinical next week. ahhhh!
  8. by   Racharina
    Hi Rocky, that is good news. I am sure it will turn out good for you. Your infraction is just about a parking situation and it does not sound like it is a big deal. But I know you must have been very worried. Mine is an petty theft infraction (honestly, an honest mistake.. long story), but not yet in the system until 6/25. Background ck will be around 6/18, so it will show as a pending problem. I think I won't be let in the school. I am really depressed. I am trying to find some meaning to my big ordeal.

    Please let us know what they say. Like I said, it will turned out fine.