I am so confused! TX BON.

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    I graduated from an ADN program in Texas on May 18th, 2013. I was in the process of moving in March, but didn't have an address available, so my ex husband said he would receive ALL of my TX BON nursing letters that they sent (he lives 5 minutes from me). So, I put his address down as my mailing address. In April, I did my FBI background check, never heard anything from them. Of course, my ex husband gets 4 roommates to move in with him, and the BON in fact sent in TWO letters stating that I could not sit for NCLEX because they found something on my record. His roommates threw my mail away. I didn't find out about this until June 9th when I called the BON wondering why I hadn't received my ATT yet.
    They tell me that on my record, when I was 16 (I am 23 now) I had "unauthorized use of a motor vehicle" that was from when I took my dad's car without asking, and HE took me to the juvenile detention hall to scare the crap out of me. They fingerprinted me, gave me a tour of the facility, and asked if this is how I wanted to live my life. I told them no, and my dad dropped all charges and they let me go home with him. This all occurred in a 2 hour period.
    So, on June 19, I mailed in the documents needed (personal statement and the one-paragraph long police document). I then find out today that on July 12, they sent me to the enforcement department for "non-disclosure" of the incident when I applied for my license with the TX BON. They said this could take up to 6 months. I had to give up my job position that was supposed to start on July 29th.
    Now I am confused though. They said I do not have to pay the $150 fee for the enforcement department to review my case???? I thought that was mandatory. I called their office today and the lady said I have no fees due and it's been with the E.D. for 10 days. Has anyone ever heard of this? Does it possibly mean they might quickly review it and dismiss it, or am I getting my hopes up? Thank you for reading, and for any responses!
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    Hell0, I was wondering if you ever heard anything back and if you did how long did it take?