Help please, petty theft misdemeanor. Can I still get my dream job?

  1. 0 ​Hi my name is jasmine and when I was 19 my grandmother passed away. We were extremely close and I took it very hard. One night I made the biggest mistake of my life and attempted to steal a bottle a alcohol. I obviously wasn't successful and was caught and plead guilty to petty theft. I'm now about to be 21 and it has been unbelievably hard to find a job with this on my record. I've always wanted to be a delivery room nurse but when I went to apply to nursing school they told me I would be unable to attend due to my record. I'm on probation for two years and I plan to get this expunged asap. My question is will it be possible for me to 1) obtain the degree and 2) get a job

    Thank you very much!
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