Help! I have a felony on my record.

  1. I am hoping I can get some help with someone who may have some experience. I am currently a licensed practical nurse in Illinois. I received my license in October after going through the rigorous process because I have a felony on my record. However, the conviction was 13 years ago and I was granted my license!!!
    I got hired at an Assisted living facility and now I was called today and let go because my background had a disqualifying conviction that is on the Illinois Department of Public Health list. How can this be? I cleared all background and received my license from Illinois Dept. of Professional and Financial Regulation. I know I could apply for a waiver
    Of course, this happens on a Sunday and now can't call until tomorrow.
    On the website of the IDPH, it states that licensed professionals with a license from IDPFR are exempt from the Healthcare Background Check Act.
    Am I missing something or could this possibly be a mistake?
    I am just looking for helpful comments and appreciate any insight. Thank you.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    The fact that the BON gave you a license doesn't mean that employers have to welcome you and your criminal record with open arms. Employers do retain the right to accept or reject applicants based on their criminal records.

    That being said, I would talk to a lawyer to see what your options are, if any, regarding your dismissal. We at AN cannot give you legal advice. If you need assistance finding a lawyer that specializes in nursing issues, I suggest you go here: TAANA Executive Office - Home

    I would also talk to a lawyer to determine if expungement is an option based on your state and your specific conviction.

    Best of luck.