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    E-mail sent mcarroll789. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hello CheetahJ.
    Thank you so very much for posting this topic. I am graduating from a ADN program in CA in May '15. I hold a BA in psychology and would eventually like to be a NP. First things first though, I need to get a RN license and continue schooling. I am very worried that because of past mistakes I will be denied a license. Reading your story and several others gives me hope, however it seems that there will be an uphill battle to get licensed. In 1996 I got a DUI in Texas for driving after taking RX vicodin. In 2002 I got the same charge in CA. I swerved a little each time (no alcohol involved though). Each time they asked if I had been drinking and "said no, but I took my vicodin" (the stupidest thing I could have done really). I have had no trouble since 2002, however, it is still 2 DUI charges to contend with. I am going to look into getting the CA charge expunged, but I don't think TX offers the same option. Both times these were my prescribed meds for back pain that I have since stopped taking many years ago. I went to AA for several years and worked steps with a sponsor. I have not been to AA for a while but I am still "clean". I have never been a drinker so don't have issues there. My question is how much do I disclose to my nursing DON ( they asked us to disclose anything first semester but I was too scared to do so). I am going to meet with her next week. Do i just state that I was arrested twice for this charge or do I go into how I sought recovery and now have 11 years? I have not worked in over 10 years (stay at home mom) so I can't get reference from employer, but I can ask for reference from neighbors, old sponsor, physician friend, instructors. I am unsure of how much to disclose to BRN as well, but it sounds like more is better. I just hope that the fact there are 2 charges isn't the kiss of death with BRN license. If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom, I would appreciate it. I am going to start my letter over winter break and would love it if you could send me the letter you used as an example.

    My email is if you could send your letter to me.

    Thank you!
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    Hi Cheethaj and everyone else on this thread. Well it's finally time I'm so excited my license was approved! it is probationary but I don't care I haven't been in trouble in forever and have no plans on being there again. I will go on and tell my story in a post so hopefully it will help someone as much as this thread helped me. So fabulous Merry Christmas
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    Hi poppykai sounds like its been awhile and I know that for me I was totally upfront and honest as was cheethaj. They take into account how long it been and all you've done after. Get letters from your instructors if you can. I waited till the end of my last semester to ask for those actually till like the last week of school because I didn't want them to see me any differently and I was so blessed that they were just the sweetest women and gave me letters of recommendation without a second thought. I didn't need to be specific just that in my past I was not the person I am today and if they could please write a letter to the BRN of the person they see before them. I was not the 1st letter they wrote and I won't be the last. Even the Director of Nursing wrote me a letter. I got one from my pastor another from a friend that is an addictions counselor and my own letter which was like pouring my heart out on paper. They truly take it case by case I've seen people with lesser charges be denied and people with harsher charges be approved because it all depends on the person and what they have done in their lives now. Get fingerprinted for yourself just get all your papers together early. I know its in the thread but just in case you need your arreast records and if they dont have it cause its to old then get a letter from the arresting agency stating its been destroyed and everything has to be certified. Get your court documents but again yours are to old so get a letter from the court that its to old and has been destroyed certified. In your letter you have to say I was arrested for charge xyz which is stealing or dui whatever it is. Get your expungement done ASAP its easy and only takes 2 weeks to be heard. You still have to disclose it but at least it shows the courts were willing to remove it. Finally as my DON said give them what they ask for period.
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    Greetings cheethaj. May I please have a copy of your letter of explanation sent to the BON? My email is I'm starting the process of applying for my license, and currently getting all of my paperwork together. I was had a case of petit larceny, 3-4 years ago, which was dismissed. I also have an illegal parking misdemeanor which I'm not sure if I have to disclose. I will update this thread of my status throughout the process so that I can contribute to this thread in regards to what happens to people with criminal backgrounds.
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    Anyone know how to contact the BRN enforcement where someone actually replies? I also received a letter stating "Please note: Due to your disclosure of previous discipline or conviction, your application will require additional processing time."

    First of all i didn't click to disclose any convictions when I filled out my application because I don't have any convictions.
    I called the BRN and spoke to a lady and she said there is something on my record and transferred me to enforcement to leave a message. Do they respond and can actually talk to someone who tells you what it is?

    The only thing that may be on my record is In 2000 when I was 19 I was going to join the Navy reserves and I didn't follow through. 3 years later they brought me in to get discharged. There was no conviction or anything so I don't know why that even would show on my record. I also had this issue when I was going to be doing clinical at a county facility. They didn't approve me but asked for explanation and then approved me. Would be nice to know exactly what pops up on my record as I have been cleared to work at the VA 3 times now and I never have any issues there.
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    Jchw81 yeah it's hard to get them to call back as a matter of fact unless you have a letter from an enforcement persons name your vm goes into a general mailbox. Your best bet is to get a livescan done for yourself. It doesn't take long about a week to get the result then you'll know what's there.
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    What showed up for your clinical a the military thing? Then they might ask you to write them and explain it

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