criminal history, trying to get my RN license.

  1. hey there im new to this site Im 24 and looking to get my RN license although i have my CNA already...i have a DUI which i just recently got in may i live in CA and i was looking to take the LVN program at concorde but they told me that i cant take the program until i am off probation from my dui because the BON wont let me take my NCLEX so i decided to do the MA program for now until i can hopefully get my probation lifted because its mandatory 5 years but was told that i could possibly terminate it early. can any one in CA maybe let me know what steps i can take when i go to get ready to finish up my LVN...i know im not even enrolled yet in the LVN program but i would like to start getting things together that way i can send it off right away when i get the letter they send saying i cannot take my boards...also should i have refferance letters typed up too would that help? im really on a mission here to get my license and im not giving up.
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