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Hi everyone After earning a BS in another field, I decided to give nursing a try and went back for my BSN. After one year, I dropped out due to burnout working as a CNA and hearing negative... Read More

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    lol was it? carried away there
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    Right now, no, but I worry that I will. I have spent the last four years doing prereqs and nursing classes. I used to love school, but last semester took it's toll on me. I am graduating in May, and hating school right now. My kids were 18 months old when I started school (twins). I feel like I have had very little time for them. I have ignored my family. My dad died last spring, six months after being dx with lung CA, and I did not spend enough time with him. I have spent an average of 10 hours per week with my boyfriend of three years (while in school, at least). My sister has accused me of being a crappy mom because I don't spend enough time with my kids. I have spent no time with friends, and hardly do anything fun. Now, if the end result is that I have a career that I enjoy, and can make eough money to support my kids, then it will probably all be worth it. But I'm afraid that I will get out there and hate it, like so many do.

    On a positive note, my goal is to get into NICU, and I spent six weeks externing there last summer, so I have a pretty good idea of what it really is like to be a nurse in that setting. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and couldn't believe that I got paid to do it (and I didn't even make NEAR what a nurse would make!). There are nurses in that unit that have been there for 27-30 years, and have never worked anywhere else. So maybe I will love it too!