Can I do CNA//RN with shoplifting

  1. Hello all, I haven been a great and straight A student for the last two years. I completed all my prereqs for the nursing program and a few extra classes such as med terms, intro to health, etc that are related to my field of interest.
    I am going to be applying for the nursing program this semester. I am also registered for a CNA program at a local medical institute just to get my foot in the door.

    So I pleaded NOLO to misdemeanor shoplifting in 2010 when I was 18 years old. It is on my record including a following too close, hit and run from 2010. I don't have a felony at all. I have NOT been in any trouble since 2010. I completed all terms and a completely different person now. I have worked my gluteus maximus for this while studying day in and out.

    I was wondering if I will have any trouble finding a job after I completed the programs for CNA and RN ????!
    Also want to know if I can work as a CNA in a hospital? or is it only more for nursing homes/adult day cares and home health ???
    Is there any way they can deny me in the program with a shoplifting case or any of the above?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE! I do live in the Atlanta/Gwinnett/Hall area so I would be searching in any of those areas.