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  1. Does anyone have any advice on the appeal process in California? My nursing license was denied in at the beginning of August (I applied April 1, 2013). I had a public intox five years ago in a different state. The charge was exonerated from my record, which means I was found innocent of the charge and was pardoned by the state. Legally, California cannot discriminate against an exonerated charge, but they did. I contacted a lawyer and we thought that I would not have to go through the entire appeal process, but the BRN is requiring that I go through the appeal process. I sent my appeal in one week after I received my denial letter. I was contacted two weeks ago stating that they have my appeal, but they needed a signed document regarding my exonerated charge. I quickly overnighted it to them, and they are sending all of my info to the AG. I am freaking out because I started graduate school with the thought that I would not need to go through a lengthy appeal process because it is a mistake on the BRN's part, an illegal one! Now my graduate school has informed me that if I do not have my license by December, I will be dropped from the program because I cannot go into a hospital without a license. I have been trying desperately to get my appeal expedited, but nothing is expedited with the BRN! My case has not even been assigned yet. I am debating driving to Sacramento once my case is assigned to an attorney. Does anyone have any advice regarding the appeal process or any information that could possibly help? I am freaking out.... I moved across the country for this program. I have not been in any other trouble. I am hating myself for even disclosing it on my endorsement application, since I did not have to.
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