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    I was wondering if anyone in San Diego County area or in California know how long it takes for the BRN and DA to draft a stipulated agreement. I was denied my initial license for nursing because I had a petty theft on my record... they let me take the boards, and according to the pearson vue trick, I passed. It just seems like it's such a slow process, I still don't have my statement of issues in the mail.. I took my boards Dec 2013.. any help regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated.


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    Moving to the Criminal History forum for more targeted responses. Please be aware that this is a moderated forum, and all posts are screened before being published. So it may take a bit for your response to appear.

    Unfortunately, all you can really do is wait. The CA BRN is notoriously slow as it is, and doubly so when it comes to these things. I would definitely try to follow up with them periodically.

    Best of luck.
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    It may take a while, the BVNPT has a very slow process. Find a representative with the BVNPT that you can keep in contact with and e-mail for updated status reports, and stay consistent with your correspondence.

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