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  1. I am going crazy trying to contact my person at enforcement. I have a record from over ten years ago for a misdemeanor drug incident and a harmless infraction that I paid a fine on from over 7 years ago for not obeying a sign. I've left several messages and numerous emails and they are not responding to me at all anymore.
    I sent them everything that I could. Im just worried that Im going to miss the next cohorts. I graduated with a BSN earlier this summer and finally sent everything in August because I was waiting for a document saying I successfully completed my DEJ and my case was dismissed. That paper took forever to receive since the case was soo old... And everything else they asked for wasnt easy to gather either but I got what I could like my court dockets and recommendations. Anyway, the board then sent a letter about a month and a half later stating that they need official arrest documents. I knew right away I couldnt provide them because I already tried getting them. I cannot provide them because the dept of records does not release them. So then I sent them a letter the records dept gave me stating this and told them that this was the last of everything. In their letter they said to wait a month before contacting them... Which I did.
    Now I cant get anything out of them. Did anybody go through the same thing or is currently experiencing this? I was going to hire a lawyer after I received the letter requesting my arrest records but I just sent them the letter the dept of records gave me cause they said that would be okay and decided to wait to hire a lawyer only if they refuse me to test. Im thinking of hiring the lawyer again because Im getting no response. Its already December and Ive been waiting since August.

    Also, once this process is over and should I get my ATT... Upon passing, will I be licensed right away... Or is there another long period of review. Im just asking because I know this happens with LVN board in California.

    Does anybody have any tips, experience, or anything that could be of help to me in my situation? Im even thinking about making a 7 hour drive... Do you think they will make time to speak to me if I do? A road trip sounds kinda fun.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    IMO, anytime you're going to go in front of/talk in person to/deal with the BON, have a lawyer involved. The BON is not the nurse's friend: their priority is to protect the public; the nurse's interests come second if at all. You need someone with you who is going to put your interests first.

    Best of luck with dealing with them--I hope the situation gets resolved one way or another so you at least have an answer.