Approval to take NCLEX and practice as a GN in Texas

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    let me start off by saying i have no criminal history. I did receive an entry level seperation from the army a couple years ago. There was no corrective action, just a problem that happened at the processing center. Before starting nursing school, i sent in a declarly order to texas bon and showed them my paper and explained what happened just to be on the safe side. A week later i got a letter stating i was approved to sit for the NCLEX and practice as a GN after finishing school. My question is: can the board allow you to sit for your nclex but then deny you a license if you still have remained with no criminal history? I have read some horror stories about boards allowing people to take the nclex but then they deny them a license after they pass? Why would any board do that? Am i just being paranoid? Thank you for any imput.
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    I think you're being a bit paranoid. I had to submit a declatory order to the Texas BoN when I started nursing school and got the same letter you did. I had no problems getting my license after taking the NCLEX.

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