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Looking for any success stories out there from someone w/a felony drug conviction that was able to obtain their RN license from CA BRN. Here's my background, short & to the point: I have 2 felony... Read More

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    Thanks for the reply Toydemon10! Both my charges have been expunged. I never served any time and only got probation, even though they were felonies. I am trying to work on proof of rehabilitation. I feel that it being almost 10 years ago isn't proof enough. I am now in an honor's society and NSNA. I am also applying to hospitals so that I can volunteer. I'm not sure if these are enough to convince the BRN. I am hoping it is.
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    There is a list of automatic disqualifications for CNAs. Google "atcs 98-4". It is the first form that comes up.

    You can try this link also:

    The link should automatically take you to the pdf list. Even though this is not a list for RNs, I would imagine it is similar. I'm relieved to find that my conviction is not on this list.
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    Quote from knufflebunny
    Looking for any success stories out there from someone w/a felony drug conviction that was able to obtain their RN license from CA BRN.

    Here's my background, short & to the point: I have 2 felony convictions on 2 separate occasions. The first one is a possession charge with a DUI. (I was under the influence of the narcotic while driving and also had possession of it). The 2nd one is intent to distribute. BOTH are 10 years old. I can prove rehabilitation. Finished all NA, AA, diversion, community services. I am now a wife, mother, and a 4.0 student (and NOT the same person I was 10 years ago).

    I am interested in finding out if there is anyone out there with a drug conviction that was able to obtain their license in CA.

    I have almost the exact story! I have an under the influence of narcotics, DUI, felony recieving stolen property, a hit and run that was dismissed, and 2 driving on suspended license. All happening over 10 years ago when I was a dumb young adult/teen. I was a steller student, I am very active in church, I am now married with kids. I have not gotten in trouble since and had the cases expunged. I am waiting approval from the boards and I an so anxious after all my hard work. SO did you get a reply from BRN? If so how did it go??? I need some kind of idea of what may happen. The BRN does not give much info.
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    Hi Jessbru! I am still in nursing school. I will finish Spring '12. I am so nervous about getting licensed. PLEASE please please let me know how this turns out for you. I wish you the very best and hope that the BRN understands that people CAN rehabilitate. How long have you been waiting? I plan on applying for new grad programs in 4th semester and I'm so nervous about not getting an approval from the BRN in time. The hospitals require either a temporary permit or a license by the time the program starts and I read on the BRN website that they don't grant temporary licenses while your record is being reviewed. When did you submit your application?
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    Well here is some advice. Get everything together now and send in your application asap. Start getting letters of recommendation, court records, community service, letters from priest, etc... Try and get them expunged!!! Also the BRN will want copies of your arrest records which cant be released to you. So go to the Records of Identification Bureau (look them up online) to get a letter stating they cant release it to you (silly I know). It took up 2 weeks time just because of this process even I think they know they cant be released to us. Send this letter in with your application. They will request the records which will take a few weeks and then review it. Try and apply to the new grad programs.. I wish someone had told me about the records of ID Bureau. I missed an opportunity for my dream job!!! This is small potatoes when you consider not getting your license.I am sooooo sick to my stomach right now!!!! Ill keep you posted. I hope I am a success story!!!
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    All my record is expunged already. I have the court documents but I never thought about the arrest record!!! Thanks for this info! I haven't graduated yet. Do you send in the application after you take the NCLEX? And yes, please keep in touch and let me know how this turns out for you! I'm so glad you have responded to my post. We are both in almost the exact situation!!
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    I can not find a contact number for the Records of Identification Bureau anywhere online! They have a page that describes what they do but no contact information. I noticed that the Records of Identification is under the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. I was not arrested by this agency. But the website states they handle all DOJ arrest records. The two agencies that I was arrested was CHP and DEA. CHP told me that my arrest was too old to find the record. So old that nothing is coming up and he can't send out a letter without it showing that I was at least arrested by this agency. And DEA doesn't give arrest records out. I am not sure how to get what I need!
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    This is the boat I was in... I didnt know where to go I would call those facilities and ask where you could get them (i.e. records of id bureau). They have to be affiliated with one. The Sheriffs is in Norwalk and the LAPD is in LA. Yes our stories are similar!!! Ill keep you posted.
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    @flipNurse, I am now in the process of applying to sit for the NCLEX. I was wondering what happened with you. Were you able to get your license? Please update me!
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    I just wanted everyone to know that I was approved by the BRN to sit for the boards!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!
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    What does it mean to sit for boards?? The nclex?
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    Yes, I mean I was approved to take NCLEX!
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    Oh my God! Congrats! How is your journey so far? I was arrested nearly 25 times from age 18-23. I have many misdemeanors , and a felony possession and one petty theft. My life is completely different since I got sober in 2005 and I can prove it. I'm still scared though, I am on the wait,it's for the nursing program now in CA. Happy holidays, any advice is appreciated.

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