Any success stories obtaining license w/prior felony drug convictions in CA - page 3

Looking for any success stories out there from someone w/a felony drug conviction that was able to obtain their RN license from CA BRN. Here's my background, short & to the point: I have 2 felony... Read More

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    This is the boat I was in... I didnt know where to go I would call those facilities and ask where you could get them (i.e. records of id bureau). They have to be affiliated with one. The Sheriffs is in Norwalk and the LAPD is in LA. Yes our stories are similar!!! Ill keep you posted.

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    @flipNurse, I am now in the process of applying to sit for the NCLEX. I was wondering what happened with you. Were you able to get your license? Please update me!
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    I just wanted everyone to know that I was approved by the BRN to sit for the boards!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!
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    What does it mean to sit for boards?? The nclex?
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    Yes, I mean I was approved to take NCLEX!
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    Oh my God! Congrats! How is your journey so far? I was arrested nearly 25 times from age 18-23. I have many misdemeanors , and a felony possession and one petty theft. My life is completely different since I got sober in 2005 and I can prove it. I'm still scared though, I am on the wait,it's for the nursing program now in CA. Happy holidays, any advice is appreciated.

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