New RN/former LPN /Tryin to find a job

  1. 0 Hi, My name is Cissy. I am 47. I have been an LPN for 4 1/2 years. I have worked with the same hospital in different departments for 22 years. I worked my way from file clerk to LPN working in the Cancer Care Center connected to the two hospitals. I am so lost as to where to get a job. I have not used many of the clinical skills I need to prepare me for working on Medsurg. I applied at a Longterm/skilled nursing facility but have not heard back. The nurse recruiter where I work will be back from vacation next week and I plan on speaking with her in the hopes she will help me find a position for me within the hospitals. I'm fearful no matter where I start out I am going to be overwhelmed. Any thoughts?

    Thank you
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