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looking to relocate to Colorado...

  1. 0 My family and I are looking to relocate west to the front-range of Colorado, probably within the next 6-9 months. We are looking roughly between Denver and Ft Collins and more specifically Golden-Boulder-Lyons area. I was looking for opinions/thoughts as to which hospitals are the best to work at, pros/cons, etc., job availability, or any other insight you might offer.
    My background is as an experienced Emergency RN with a couple of years in Case Management.
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    AnnC has '22' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'ED, Case Management'. From 'Newburyport, MA, US'; Joined Oct '12; Posts: 2.

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    What exactly are you looking for in a hospital?
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    I currently work at a large community hospital with ED visits approximately 48K per year. The management is very supportive of the nursing staff. The physicians and my coworkers are (for the most part) smart, optimistic, and good to work with. I think that we provide great care of our patients and have an excellent reputation in the community.
    I guess I am looking for similar attributes in the next hospital I work for although I am not concerned regarding the size of the facility.

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