Leaving my old job for a new one..Why am I leaving tho?

  1. Hi all, please provide any bit of insight you may have.
    I am applying to a new hospital as well as others. I am currently working at a huge hospital, it's really great after working here for a while, but the reality is, the state that the hospital is in, terrifies me. When I go out shopping for food, or driving in general, I feel unsafe, that's for personal reasons, i feel everyone's experience is different. The state is not high crime but the people living here are just miserable to the point of no return, I dont fill like I fit here, or that I may ever will unless I totally transform and become like the people here. Noone wants to be bothered unless you have drugs or something. it's just weird. I traveled 2x to this place 2 hours from me, and the people there are so happy, the staff members have such great energy, and the city is big( im from the city, and wheree i work now is the farm).

    I havn't said anything to my employer yet but I think looking at me they know that I am unhappy. I was wondering if I should put my current hospital on the app, im a new grad been working for this current hospital for 6 months. going on 7, if i should, what would be a reasonable explanation as to why i plan on leaving? or should i just not put it down, bcause they might think that I;ll bail out on them too?

    Any input will b so appreciated.
    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   noahsmama
    Is there any way you can hang in there for 5 more months? It will be easier to get another job with at least 1 year of experience at your first job.

    Having said that, I started applying for my second nursing job after only 6 months at my first nursing job. I did list my current employer on job applications, but I checked "no" in response to the question about contacting your current employer. I explained somewhere in the application that I hadn't yet informed my current employer that I was considering leaving, and wanted the opportunity to do so before anyone called them. I did still get a few interviews -- I have no way of knowing though if I missed out on any additional potential interviews -- I don't think I did, but can't be sure. I do think you want to list your current employer though because even having 6-7 months of experience will improve your odds of getting another job vs. no experience at all. But if you can hang in there another 5 months, that will look much better. I started getting much more responses back to job applications once I reached 1 year of experience, and was able to transition to my current job after 1.5 years in my former job.

    As for what you say on the application for "reason for leaving", keep it short and simple. Something like "wish to relocate", or "career advancement" should be fine. If they want more detail, they'll ask -- I think they mostly just want to know you weren't fired or forced out of your previous job.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Emilynn09
    If you leave your current job off, your resume is going to look like you are an RN with ZERO nursing experience, why would you want to do that? Leave it on, 7 months is better than no experience. I also agree with the previous poster, try and hang on for a few more months and get a year under your belt.