I can't get a job outside bedside nursing!

  1. HI everyone!!! tommorrow i have to go to work but i cant seem to go to bed b/c of my anxiety towards my current job.

    I have been wrking for 1 1/2 yr now as an er nurse, night shift, 7 days per paycheck and I absolutely hate it!! at first i thought i was just overwhelmed, but till this day i still don't like what i do for a living. i cry everyday, cant sleep, have anxieties, and sometimes dream about my job. i can't enjoy my 2 yr old babygirl b/c i'm always worried , tired, grumpy. my job is affecting my relationships outside wrk. After 1 1/2 yrs of sucking it up and telling myelf it will get better, i have finally decided that bedside nursing isnt for me.

    I have been trying to get a job at a clinic, utilization review nurse, telephonic triage / advisement nurse, even med surg rn position just to see if I try a a different floor things might be different. But I never get a call back after applying for these positions or I'll get an email stating I dont have the qualifications. I'm frustrated, I don't know where to take my nursing career. i thought with my experience it'll be easier for me to transition to a different area in nursing or at least get an interview. my other fellow new grads that were in the same cohort as I have all been been getting many different opportunities after their first nursing gig.

    any feedbacks or support would greatly be appreciated
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  3. by   llg
    You say that you are getting feedback that you don't have the qualitifications. What qualifications do they say you are lacking? You may need to focus on getting those qualifications before you can get those jobs.

    If your current work situation is as effecting you so much ... maybe you should just take another staff nurse job similar to the one you have. You have the qualifications for those types of jobs. Perhaps the change of scenery, new colleagues, another round of orientation, etc. will ease the situation. Instead of trying to change the type of job you have -- try the same type of job in a new setting. That may buy you time to get whatever qualifications you need for other types of jobs.
  4. by   jaqs96
    I know that feeling of not liking your job and it's a terrible feeling. Good for you for trying to get out of the situation. I was in bedside nursing and just found I wanted a different environment. I new during nursing school that I was attracted to the idea of being a case manager ... I like disease management. But in order to get in the door I needed more experience so I was hired into a home health/hospice case manager position. It worked out so well with my kids schedule too. I was able to drop them, pick them up, be home during dinner and weekends w/ just minimal on-call. After a year, I applied to ins companies and I received interviews to 3 different companies. I was offered a position which I am in now and I love it... it seems to be a trend with increasing need for wellness coaches/disease management. I love being in an environment that is low stress, good pay, works with my family life, and still has it's challenges. I hope this info helps. Hang in there and don't give up finding that area that will make you look forward to going to work. Good luck!
  5. by   jaqs96
    Quick tip: When you go in for interviews never put down a current employer or say negative things about your position... always sound grateful for all the opportunities you've had but that you are ready to move on:-) And do your research on case management... don't tell them that this will work for your family life (even though it will) focus on your desire to do this line of work and why. My supervisor said she hired me because I did the research and new what I was getting myself into vs other applicants.