Has anyone ever did an internship after graduating Nursing school???

  1. I was thinking about doing an internship after nursing school to get more experience along side a nurse because I heard that it was different on the floor than it would be in nursing school... Amy suggestions???
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  3. by   llg
    What do you mean by "internship?" Many hospitals have special orientation programs for new graduates called "internships." They are quite common. In many places, an intership is the standard role for a new grad staff nurse on orientation. Is that what you mean by the term, "internship?" or do you have some other role in mind?
  4. by   AutumnLeavesRN
    As I have been doing my job searching, I am seeing more and more that graduate nurses MUST go through some type of internship or residency before going on the floor. Hospitals want to safeguard themselves by doing this and I think it's an awesome idea. Some are 12-18 weeks some less and some more. I am currently looking to get into a residency program and then have a preceptor on the floor. I have heard horror stories from past times when nurses right out of the BSN program are put in charge positions 2-3 months or less after graduating! I don't think that is right. So if I were you, just to build confidence and get as familiar as possible with the environment in which you will be working, I would definitely go for the internship and residency especially since it's pretty much required in most acute care settings. Happy hunting!