Can't find a to be more marketable??

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been out of nursing for 1 year and I am having trouble getting an interview. I have past experience in rehab and extended care and clincs. I dont know what is wrong with my resume or why I am not getting interviews. I know at, at least 2 of the jobs I've applied for they have had 30 applicants...
    So I was thinking should I take a course at the local community college..continuing education credits that gives you a in Oxygentation (because that would apply everywhere! haha)?
    Do you think that would make a difference or just be a waste of $250.00.
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  3. by   jenhen82
    I doubt i would spend $250 for oxygenation education-I would hope that you learned sufficient info. on that in school-besides that's pricey for a course on the subject.
    Anyway, I'm responding because I, too, would like some input on how to become more marketable. I graduated in '11 from an online RN to BSN program. Graduated RN in '08. LPN in '05. CNA in '02. Worked in all of those capacities. RN experience in stepdown/ICU, ED, long-term care, med/surg. Having trouble finding anything. Currently not employed due to recent move. Have BLS, ACLS, tele training. In northwest FL, which I'm learning isn't the best market.
  4. by   perioddrama
    Unfotunately, the market is flooded with RNs, both the experienced and the new grad, competing for a limited amount of open positions.

    Take a new grad RN. Most of them have all the certs they can possibly get their hands on (ACLS, PALS, NRP, etc) and yet they cannot land an interview. So, despite being "marketable," a lot of it is plain luck.

    Just apply everywhere, both the hospital and non-hospital setting.

    Good luck!