Southern California Hospital at Culver City or Community Hospital at Huntington Park - page 3

Any thoughts on these establishments? I have a job offer from each but don't really know much about the hospitals. I was hoping somebody on here has some insights. I'll be working nights on... Read More

  1. by   casseyy
    Aww thank you so much! I hope so too!!
  2. by   Harmony29
    Have you heard from anywhere else that you applied?
  3. by   casseyy
    I haven't. What about you?!
  4. by   Harmony29
    No I haven't heard anything back.
  5. by   casseyy
    Aww are you waiting for any hospitals? And are you going to start at Culver City for sure?
  6. by   Harmony29
    Yes I am for sure starting at Culver City because I am putting in the time to sign all these new employee paper work. I'm honestly excited about it because for 1. it's a job, 2. It's an opportunity someone gave me as a new nurse. I'm grateful for it.

    I gave up on other places lol.
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  7. by   casseyy
    You're so right! It's definitely something to be thankful for. Plus it's insanely difficult to find a new grad position, so you should be extremely proud of yourself!!
  8. by   Harmony29
    Thank you so much. Don't forget to keep me posted. I look forward to hearing from you.
  9. by   casseyy
    I will definitely keep you posted! Hopefully Monday is the day I hear back
  10. by   casseyy
    Hi!!! I wanted to update you that I got the job! We get to work together yay!!!
  11. by   Harmony29
    Omg congrats. Can you PM me your number? So excited. Finally going to know someone who isn't a stranger.