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I just graduated in May. I took NCLEX in June, passed, and got my license the first week of July. I am having a very hard time finding a job. I have applied to every single hospital within a 50 mile... Read More

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    I'm not sure what state you are in but I'm in NH and we have plenty of nursing jobs open here! I see them in the newspaper, on craig's list, on the hospital websites... everywhere.
    Consider a move??
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    There are plenty of nursing jobs listed here, but the thing is, they aren't hiring new grads. That's the problem.
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    I graduated this June with an ASN and passed my NCLEX this July. I almost got two positions since then, but they both fell through. One of them was at a hospital, and the nurse manager really liked me. She even said that I was okay with her if HR said it was okay. HR said that they weren't hiring any new grads. I have been applying everywhere, but everybody wants experience. Even new grads with BSNs are not getting jobs. I have been a paramedic for 11 years with experience treating all sorts of medical and traumatic emergencies. I am proficient in IV access, and EKG interpretation. None of this experience means anything to HR. I was getting burnt out and disillusioned with being a paramedic which is the reason why I went to nursing school. I thought being a nurse would enable me to earn a higher salary and offer job growth (I actually do like patient care). I am very disappointed with the current job market for nurses. I had a lot of hopes and dreams about being a nurse and I feel like I was mislead somehow. I am in school to get my BSN (even though I already have a BA), but I am not sure if this will help. Thank goodness I did not quit my full time job to go to school. This idea actually crossed my mind, but I would never have been able to support myself. When I first got my license I was ready to quit my job and take any nursing job I landed, but now with this economy I am afraid to leave the security of my current job. I am heart broken and I feel like I put a lot wasted effort and time into nursing school. My heart goes out to those who are unemployed :crying2
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    Do take the waitress job so that you can 1) have some kind of income and 2) not going out of your mind searching for jobs all day. I'm a new grad myself and I'm actively looking for jobs, sitting behind a laptop all day. It's been about 2 months and I've got nothing, so I decided that I need a job before I go insane from the frustration of getting rejection email. Now, I'm working part-time as a cashier and looking for a RN position and volunteer to enhance my resume. Good luck with everything, you are not alone