2 interviews, 1 job offer... How long can I "wait and see" for?

  1. After almost 8 months since graduation, my job hunt has gone from 0 to 60 in just about two weeks! Last week I interviewed for two positions-- one, a new grad internship in the NICU and the other, a per diem position on a med/surg/pedi/oncology (& the kitchen sink?) floor. Aside from all the travel to make to the interviews (FL & NH!), I'm worn out by the anxiety waiting to hear back from either place...

    The NICU internship is definitely my preferred choice. It's a beautiful unit, the program sounds ideal, and ending up in the NICU is my longterm goal. I'd have to move across the country if I got this position, and I'm ready to do it in a heartbeat (literally. I've got it worked out.). I'm supposed to hear back by the end of this week.

    Meanwhile, I interviewed for the per diem position on Thursday, and today I got a call from HR that the nurse manager wants to go forward! She is checking my references but says I can count on a formal job offer very soon, and that I should get started right away on the licensure process (I'm licensed in 2 other states already, but not this one!). I'm surprised they offered a new grad a per diem spot, but I would train full time first. The unit would offer a lot of experience with a little bit of everything.

    Now..... I really would like to find out whether I've made it for the NICU internship before I commit myself to the per diem. I'd have to pay ~$300 for yet another state RN license, which I don't really want to do for nothing... But I also don't want to prolong the process so long that I cause any problems for the job offer I'm already sure of. As it is the HR woman I spoke with doesn't think I'd have a state license in time for their February orientation session, so I would probably not start until March...

    So, questions:
    - Is per diem a good idea for new grads? I would be on 32hr/wk for orientation.
    - Should I suck it up and start the licensure process before hearing from the NICU? After 8 months of virtual unemployment, my bank account is crying...
    - Is there any way to gracefully prod an answer from the NICU hospital, without offending or annoying anyone?
    - What's the best way to gracefully decline the per diem offer if the NICU one does come through?
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  3. by   ilovensg
    I'm sorry I can't offer you any advice because I'm in a similar situation. I am also a new grad and was verbally offered a per diem job which will start in about three weeks. HOWEVER, the week before I start, I will hear back whether I'm offered a position at my dream job!! My dream job also is full time with benefits. So to add to the list of unanswered questions here, do I notify my dream job employer I have an offer? I believe she has to interview X amount of candidates before she can even put out an offer. I don't want to do anything to make me ineligible for my dream job...

    Also, I am anticipating my per diem job will give me the formal offer in writing this upcoming week. What should I do? I'm happy I am in this situation, but don't want to ruin a potential wonderful opportunity. ANY ADVICE is welcomed!!!