Yield to wheels - need advice/suggestions for a hospital wide project.

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    I work as an ED in a metropolitan hospital. The nature of my job and shift have me transporting a great deal of patients, usually on gurneys.
    No matter how slow or fast I go, I all too often have people walking in front of my gurney. My back grows tired of this.

    I also notice it happening to environmental service workers when they are pushing/pulling heavy objects as well as radiology techs with portable x-ray machines.

    I have been talking to my managers for months about this problem and have decided to take a proactive approach to try to effect the culture in our hospital to one that respects employees who are transporting equipment or patients.

    I have come up with a slogan- "Yield to Wheels". I have decided to pitch this directly to my management team as well as whichever quality committee will listen.

    Am wondering if has a program like this already in place at their work? Would you be willing to share the copy on different signs that may be around?

    I figure I would try to have 2-3 posters featuring people yielding with a blurb at the bottom, 1-2 flyers and a quick 1 or 2 sentences all hospital teams could use in start of shift huddle.

    Any ideas welcome, thanks in advance,

    -Mark B RN

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    Also, while I am thinking of it, does anyone know where I can find data that might support such an endeavor? I have been searching around with no luck.

    -Mark B RN-
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    Sounds like you need more assistance transporting patients...are you doing this, by yourself??
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