Safety of Electronic Documentation - page 2

Are nurses and others at your facility acting to ensure the safety of computer systems? This article gives personal and facility examples of safety issues.... Read More

  1. by   dudette10
    Quote from losbozos
    My problem w/ Epic is when the PCP does write new orders (all PCPs do it electronically), I have no way of knowing unless I seek that info. I've had docs put in orders from home in the middle of the night w/o my knowledge. I believe the designers of Epic think we sit around at the computer while at work. Hello???? This is not an office job!
    Serious question: how is that different from paper? Although I've been at this for only 2.5 years, I was in a paper environment for about a year. If that little yellow tab wasn't sticking up and the chart wasn't placed on its side in the rack, I didn't know that a doc had entered an order either. I have my issues with CPOE--primarily orders entered incorrectly that nursing MUST be knowledgeable enough to catch for patient safety reasons--but I believe your issue with CPOE isn't unique to CPOE.