Rx's for new pt's @ snf

  1. 0 See if anyone has any suggestions. I work at a SNF and a new admission arrived from another facility to ours. He has oxycodone and morphine orders, but guess what! No scripts. The attending MD for this patient won't write the RX's and the prior MD won't call the facility! Any ideas? This patient should not go without pain meds b/c the doc's can't get it together! How do I make them realize this is not right without sounding like like a jerk!?
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    My acute care hosp. Does not send scripts to snf's so yeah I get how it can get problematic
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    Discuss the issue with your DON at your next meeting and see if they have any ideas.
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    At my old job in a SNF, hospitals d/c'ing pts with narc orders were encouraged to send scripts...most of the time this happened with no problem. Your DON should be able to get to the bottom of this.
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    We fax all d/c orders with copies of scrips to SNF prior to a pt being d/c'd. If the SNF sees something where they need a script, they call yhe hospital and usually the attending MD will write the script before d/c

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