Rn with associates and 8 years exp. cant find job

  1. Does anyone have any suggestion. I'm a nurse for 8 years with med/surg, critical care, 2 years management exp and can't find a job anywhere because I don't have my bachelors. Currently enrolled in a program but can't get call backs. Any suggestions on where to look?
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  3. by   ProfRN4
    What type of job are you looking for? Did you leave your last job yet? Ifso, why, and if not, why do you want to switch jobs? And, where do you live?
  4. by   nursingsteph0716
    No I haven't left been searching around at local hospitals here on Long Island. Main reason Im looking to leave is for a day position. My husband and i both work nights and with 2 kids babysitting is hard for over nights he has to work weekend nights and i obviously have a weekend commitment. So debating if I should do home care 5 days a week procedural area or what. Just lost
  5. by   ProfRN4
    As soon as you said you were looking for days, I immediately thought of homecare. Have you applied for NSLIJ homecare? Or VNS (not sure how far from NYC you are) or St Mary's Hospital for Children? I am not sure if they are requiring BSNs now, but when I worked in home care, they did not (but it was a different time then). Have you looked into school nursing? The hours are great (you'd likely take a pay cut, but would have the same schedule as your kids, including vacations, which is worth a lot of $ in my book).From what I understand, the whole job search process takes a long time now. It takes a while for recruiters to even respond to job applications, let alone interviewing and getting hired. So don't despair. Also, do you have any desire to go for the BSN?