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Question for RNs. . . current nursing problems. - page 2

Hello I am new to this website, but I am a new nursing student working on getting information for a research paper I am writing. Since I do not know any nurses myself I have had a hard time... Read More

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    i m also doing a similar study. i would be greatful if you could send me the report of your study if it is completed or if not completed the study tool.
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    Hi everyone,

    I am in a RN to BSN program and have to do a project on change in nursing practice. I have to address a problem in nursing practice, do evidenced based research that supports why this is a problem and why there needs to be a change. Any ideas?????
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    But you ARE a nurse!
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    Not doing your project, but giving a pointer that addresses pretty much everything posted since 2007: the inability to charge for nursing care/procedures under ICD-9 or -10.