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Nursing Home Regulations Plus, an in depth view of state-by state nursing home regulations.Have you ever wondered who the agency is that does the surveys in your LTC facility, contact info, regs and much more for each state, all... Read More

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    Quote from BackfromRetirement
    Why is there no nation-wide set of rules? Learning the different laws from state to state is a mess. Standardizing the scope of practice and "rules of engagement" might be less confusing. State laws, requirements for licensure, all confuse nurses moving to a new location.

    i have to agree with you...and is exactly what i was talking about on another forum with general nursing....all hospitas, thier rules and regs, licensure are not the same amd now the NH. It iw almost like they do this so you get tripped up...Im new to this aspect of nursing so i guess i have my work cut out for me....

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    There actually is a standardized set of rules for all nursing homes in the nation who are Medicare and/or Medicaid -certified. However, this is in addition to the state regs! Many of the state regs will match the federal regs almost exactly. Sometimes the state regs are a little more strict. Nursing Home Regulations are very complicated and often-times left up to the interpretation of the surveyor. You can always get a watermelon book to have a listing of all the federal regs.
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    Thirty patients per RN at a nursing home? Yep, that's what the ratio is where I work!
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