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I have posted this in the LTC forum also, here are the individual state staffing ratios for LTC facilities.What is your take , are these safe staffing ratios? Look up your state and see.... Read More

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    These staffing ratios seem irrational to me. I tried to recently work in LTC , I was only there for 2 orientation shifts. I saw 1 nurse whether it was an LPN or RN for each hallway of 20 residents. The medications alone on 20 patients should have been the only responsibility of a nurse, let along throw in the treatments and documentation. It's not like the days when patients had few medications, or few treatments in any setting for that matter.

    Wasn't for me. I felt my license would be jeopardized if I tried to stay. Not having the time to take a patient's every MAR to them while giving their meds is a JACHO issue in the hospitals. This appear to be an acceptable practice in LTC. I saw not one MAR taking to the patient. I could not work like that, yet I do not judge what the nurses were doing to survive their shifts.

    It just was not for me. I will stay in the hospital setting.
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    The average ratio in New York State is 10:1 cna day 13:1 cna eve and
    20:1 night Lpn 20:1 day 40:1 eve/night RN charge 40:1 supervision 240:2 as an LPN 40:1 sucks meds treatments and documentation!!!!!!
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    I have been working in an assisted living faciity since August. It is my first nursing job. We have about 22 now, varying degrees of care. I have had to work alone with 14 and up. We are expected to do dining chem sticks med pass toileting (if we are alone, the toileting can get rough) And we carry pagers. Is this ok? I rearely have more than 1 caregiver if I have 1.
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    I just do not see where these ratios in some states are safe...nursing is all about taking care of pt.'s how can you do that when you have so can't they cannot get the care they deserve.
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