Infusion and cath lab certification

  1. how do you get this certification? i live by IL
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  3. by   PNav
    I noticed your comment about the salary of a dialysis RN for Fresenius. I live in WI and will start with this company next week. I was wondering what a RN Team Leader's salary should range with this company? I think I may have been offered a lower hourly wage, but I am not sure since I am a newly licensed nurse with only 3 months of home health experience. Can you offer any feedback? I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance.
  4. by   HouTx
    CRNI (infusion) certification is not entry-level. You have to have 1600 hours of infusion experience to be eligible for the certification exam. It's a pricey exam. Here's the info. About INCC - Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation

    I don't believe that there is a national certification for cath lab. You could go with a PCCN certification (from AACN) PCCN - Certification for Progressive Care Nurses - similar to CCRN, but not as hard core with technical skills and patient management that would only be required in ICU. Or, you could take a look at the CRN certification... CRN Certification | C-NET | Center For Nursing Education & Testing It is for nurses who work in interventional radiology, which is the basic function of cath labs. Neither are entry-level certifications. CRN is less expensive.

    Bottom line - you have to actually be practicing in one of these specialty areas for some time before you are eligible to sit for the certification exam. Don't bother with any 'quickie' certificate (as opposed to the nationally recognized certifications listed above) - they may not require any prep except writing the check, but they don't add any value to your resume.