HDC lines for dilaudid

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    just wondering what most people do when using a subcutanous HDC line for prn dilaudid or morphine, do you prime the line with the drug or normal saline and why? there is a lot of discussion on our unit regarding this lately but we are not able to find any documentation regarding it... thanks...

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    Contact the company that supplies the lines.. Check and see if the line comes with an insert information section. There is a resent post about this very thing.. Mostly from what I have read, you prime the line with what ever med it is being used for and label that line for only that medication. Flushing with NS is not recommended because it causes tissue irritation.. If you are using one line for two medications, that is against most manufacturers guidelines. This is not a portacath, IV or central line of any kind... It is a SQ port similar to implanted insulin devices. Only small amounts are to be injected at a time correct ?
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    yep that is exactly right it is a sq port intended for sq delivery of one medication. thank-you for your response... i will certainly followup with that.

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