Any Peds nurses out there? I have a few ?s to ask... - page 3

As stated in the thread title, I'm looking to ask a few questions to any peds nurses out there. If you're in NYC, that'd be even better. I am currently finishing my first year as a pediatric nurse in a hospital in NYC. I... Read More

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    Kel - That's my concern exactly. Yes, sure, there are only two patients, but what if like you said, they're both very sick and one goes south... who watches the other? And since my Peds unit is very small (16 beds), there are only a few regular Peds nurses (so few of us, its ridiculous...) and a few Peds trained nurses (most don't even like working in Peds, so I don't know why they trained...)... so while I may be super busy with one kid, there literally is NO ONE to watch the others because obviously, the resident will be busy with me. It's really scary.

    I've already sent out a few applications and am looking for other places, so wish me luck, ^_^
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