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After much hard work, I managed to secure interviews with a hospital and an urgent care center. I have a second interview scheduled with the urgent care center tomorrow, but the hospital called me today and made a much better... Read More

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    congratulations x2 for landing a job and getting another interview it's time to celebrate....

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    Thanks Gitano, it's not a bad gig at all. I am one happy and slightly exhausted new grad! I worked my rear off just trying to get interviews here in DFW!
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    Quote from jamie.glaze
    Thank you all for responses. I do have in my hands the contract paperwork between the hospital & I, (2 year GN Internship contract) am set to sign it, drug test, and health screen next week with a start date of July 16, 2012. Ashley PICU RN - I took your advice, called and politely cancelled the interview. They were very gracious about it.
    Well it works in their favor for them to know you aren't a viable candidate for the job due to unavailability. I'm not sure how HR works in the nursing world but in the non nursing world when hiring often times what would happen would be the hiring manager would pick someone they would decline and instead of going to the next best person they would reject everyone and start the search over fresh. So maybe your giving the next person a chance.

    I naturally assume they would pick you since your obviously awesome

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