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I've been volunteering at this hospital for about 6 months now. I work a full 12 hour shift essentially precepting with another RN. After half a year I thought I'd gone unnoticed.. Until finally half... Read More

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    I agree with previous posters. Don't mention/apologize for your appearance regardless of what you think of it. Good luck to you!!! Sending positive vibes your way!!

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    Thanks you... So that interview lasted like 10 min. And she moved me to the panel which was supposed to be last week... We were slammed!!! Charge nurse had 4 patients!!! So obviously they couldn't spare anyone... Needless to say no interview... Hopefully tomorrow? I was so sad.
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    That must've been a bummer to have gotten yourself psyched up only to not have the interview.

    Good luck! I'm sure interviewing on a busy day would have really shaken your nerves.
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    Thank you! Ya it did. I almost cried in front of my last patient. And I cried on the way home... I had my best friend mock interview me the night before so I was prepared already... But disappointment yet again...

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