Sending thank you email after interview (I was a student there)

  1. I had my first interview with my RN degree. I was at this hospital for one entire year as a student during my 1st year in the nursing program. After one year I left that hospital to do clinicals at various other hospitals.

    I practically know everything about that hospital, and the interview went well. They had the interview with me on Monday and the 3 people that I knew that interviewed me said they are going to make a decision by the end of the week.

    I wrote a thank you letter, and this is a very personal thank you letter because I basically was specific about my qualifications how they relate to me being the perfect fit.

    I don't want to sound to aggressive though, because I think I was during the interview.
    I was thinking I should just keep it formal with a only a couple of reminders of why im the best fit for the job. Right my my thank you letter has 2 paragraphs of why Im the best for the job, even though I already told them this during the interview.

    Ex. I currently work 3rd shift during the weekend for the past 3 years which is similar to the schedule for the position being offered.

    Ex. The year of training that I have received has prepared me to be successful for this potential position.

    I spent 2 whole days writing this trying to make it perfect.
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  3. by   pumpkinspice555
    Honestly, I would just say thank you for interviewing with me and I hope to work with you. I made it two to three sentences when I wrote my thank you emails. Just a sincere thank you would suffice. By the time you've written the thank you emails, they most likely already made their decisions. So, you writing paragraphs of what stands out about you won't help your case anymore. Everything should have been displayed already in the interview. You don't have to remind them. I doubt they will want to read an essay, they are busy employees too. So just say a simple thank you! And leave it be (: Good luck and keep us updated!