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Nursing Home Interview Help

  1. 0 I applied this morning for a nursing home that is an hour and a half away since no one in my local area has been giving me a chance. This is a 317 bed facility, they have assisted living, retirement apartments, and skilled nursing. Well they called me two hours later and I have an interview next Tuesday. I'm really nervous because the woman told me that it would be her plus 3 others interviewing me. I was wondering what kind of questions to expect in a nursing home interview? Also do you think it's crazy to take a job that is an hour and a half away. I think the pay is $18-$20/hr. I would appreciate any feedback.
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    sounds to like a panel interview. They might go around the table and everyone will ask you a question at the time, most of the time in panel interviews, questions will be framed in a way that answers will tell them about your personality. Also, be prepared clinically, try to review the most common issues patients/residents have CHF, pneumonia,CVA.Most of the time during interviews they tend to ask you questions about what their current issues are for example, if they have had a lot of hearing aides come up missing , they might ask you what will u do if someone loses their hearing aide. Try to formulate questions you will ask at the end of your interview. if you are a new grad and need experience I will take the job stay there for about 6months to a year then try reapplying to places close to home. Goodluck!!! Let us know how it goes
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    I know when I go to this interview they are going to ask me if I have any experience working in LTC. I would probably answer no, but this is not exactly true. I worked at a LTC facility for 2 months a little over a year ago. However, I quit without notice. The reason for this was..One night I was working on a floor that had 60 residents all by myself. This was the first time I had been on this side. The other sides only had 30 and I had been on them several times. Since this was my first night I didn't really know the residents. One man asked for a suppository, so I went and checked the order and it said "give one suppository as needed". When I returned to the room with one, he told me that he normally got 2. Since I had never worked on this floor, I went and found the charge nurse and asked her. She said to give him two, so when I returned I overheard the CNA's talking. One of them asked where I was. The other replied "she is around here somewhere, she is slow and doesn't get in a hurry like the other nurses". This upset me because it's not that I was being slow, I was trying to figure out the right thing to do. I also was apparently getting sick and didn't know because when I went home that night I started throwing up and having diarrhea (TMI I know). This was a Thursday. They had a rule that you weren't suppose to call in on the weekend. But I had to because I was sick and running a fever. It lasted until Monday. But, they called me all weekend yelling because I wasn't there, saying I wasn't suppose to call in, and since I was new it looked bad. I just got tired of it, and told them I appreciated the opportunity to work there, but I couldn't do it anymore. So I have never used this experience on an application. But I know if they knew I had experience I could get a job easier. So should I tell them, or no?
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    It is really difficult as far as work history. I just had an interview at a LTC facility as a ADON, I am a BSN nurse and have a sketchy history in the NF and have been in UM/CM approx 6yrs.

    I had the behavioral type questions, like in the past how have you dealt with difficult situations with residents/workers. I worked briefly as a supervisor.

    Although I would liek to wipe my slate clean and make it look like I never worked clinical because many of them are less than a year-which hinders me getting a clinical job-I am honest and also let them know why I left.