Need help with a behavioral interview question

  1. 0 I just graduated nursing school and I'm preparing for interviews. I looked up some behavioral type interview questions so that I can start preparing my answers. I get really nervous during interviews and my brain locks up, so I though it would be a good idea to prepare myself.

    One question I have come across has to do with working on a long term project or process, either on a professional or academic level.

    My mind is blank and I can't think of anything. Does anyone have some kind of example on long term projects? Maybe a response will give me an idea. I'm not sure exactly what they are asking or looking for. Thanks!
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    It could be anything. Planning and orchestrating your nursing schooling is a long term project! Have you ever coached a team, or worked on anything long term? Really they are looking for organizational skills and your ability to complete them. A long term paper, or one that involves interviewing people/pt's, planning care, re-evaluating, etc is something academic. Professional can be from any job you have had, or even at a hobby or church. Organizing an activity, a group, etc.

    good luck

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