interviews for out of state?

  1. hello so i am a rn of 1 year experience and applying for jobs out in Cali and Hawaii. does anybody know if theses hospitals once they contact you to request to set up an apt will they do phone/skype interviews for you to get hired like other modern business/companies? Or will they require you to fly out there. because for me in the state of florida those flights are not cheap to come by and will require me to call out from my already busy work schedule when i work 5days a week. i understand whatever it take to get the job if you want it bad. Also what are some typical job interview questions they ask for ICU nurses once you have job experience? any advice tips would be greatly helpful!
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  3. by   classicdame
    I feel sure each facility will have it's own process. However, you have brought up some good points and should not hesitate to recommend them to the interviewer. Even ask if you can send them a video of you talking about your education/work history and philosophy of nursing, assuming they do not have Skype. I think you are smart to consider these alternate methods.