interview advice for a L&D position AND an O.R. position PLEASE!!!!

  1. I have an interview thursday for an L&D position and tuesdy an O.R. These are my first interviews post nursing grad. Any advice, sample questions for these departments, or questions to ask would be great. I'm just so excited but so nervous
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    Hey! First off, congrats! You have interviews for specialties that people would LOVE to take. I can help you out with OR, not so much with L&D.
    I graduated last year, worked on the floor for about 9 months then interviewed for the OR. Now, I am in the OR. Yay, lol.
    During the interview, I am pretty sure they know you are a new graduate, so 99% chance they aren't going to ask you scenario questions, then again, they may. They may also ask behavioral questions. When I interviewed, I did not have any scenario questions and I had 9 months of floor experience.

    Uhm, some questions that I was asked during my OR interview were:
    1. Why the OR?
    2. Why this hospital?
    3. Have you had any previous experience in the OR during nursing school?
    4. Name a time you made a mistake and what did you learn from it?
    5. What would your co-workers say about you?
    6. What are some of your strengths? They may ask about weaknesses as well (I wasn't asked about weaknesses)
    7. How well do you handle stressful situations? Do you have an example?
    8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Short-term/long-term goals?
    9. How do you feel about being on-call?
    10. How long is your commute to work? Usually for call, they give you a 30-minute time frame to get from your house to work.
    --There are also tons of websites you can Google for interview questions.

    Also, have questions for them. If I would not have asked questions, my interview would have been only like 15 minutes; it was like 35 minutes. It also shows them that you're really interested and serious about the position.
    Ask questions like:
    1. What's the biggest challenge for new orientees?
    2. How long is orientation?
    3. What does orientation entail? Classroom/lecture? Would scrubbing be included within the orientation?
    4. What type of shifts are offered? 8s? 10s? 12s? nights? evenings?
    5. What's the census of the patients?
    6. How often are we required to take call?
    7. Dress policy in the OR?
    8. How many OR suites?
    9. Types of services?

    *I would not ask about pay; I never ask about pay - I would let them bring it up. First, look up the average pay around your area. If they ask, say you're totally open and willing to negotiate; I mean, you're a new graduate -if you're too picky, they will let you go and interview the next person --if you're being unreasonable.

    Also, be confident and professional and CONFIDENT, lol.

    Hope this helps, Good Luck!
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    Thank you very much!!!! I truly appreciate you responding back
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    Np! How'd it go?
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    My L & D interview was today and that went very well in my opinion lol. My OR interview is next week. So I still have time to cover any loose ends
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    My L&D interview was today and I think it went really well. I have the OR interview next week. So I still have time to cover any loose ends