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  1. So i have been working on a oncology floor for almost 3 years. I have always wanted to do pediatric oncology and shadowed on their floor as a new grad. I also met a nurse that works on the floor i want to work on. I currently go to grad school full time and work part-time as my current position.
    Well, i had a interview on the pediatric floor in a hospital that is within the same system as my current one. THerefore, it would be considered a transfer. After my interview with the managers they apparently contacted my manager about me transferring and he said he would not let anyone go until the first of the year due to everyone quitting. (he sucks as a manager) THis basically could affect them hiring me and my other coworker who also interviewed.
    Well I still havnt heard from the recruiter and its been 2 weeks. I called her last week and she said they are still deciding. On a side note, the girl i met on the floor before sent me a text last week saying congrats (thinking they already offered it to me) and that her manager told her that they are hiring me and im starting in dec and that there was issues with my present position but it was worked out. (that was a week ago). I left a message to check in with the recruiter yesterday and still have not heard anything. Did my manager mess things up?? This is so frustrating. I would seriously put in my 2 weeks notice if they offered it to me and he was preventing the transfer but they still have not offered anything. Should i just move on and look at other hospitals?
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  3. by   purplerose3
    How frustrating. I've had that feeling befor when applying for an internal transfer. My current manager does everything under the sun not to make it possible just because her unit has high turnover. Maybe you could talk with someone in HR in confidence. Also, they might be worried that you won't stay long because you are continuing school. I understand you'd want the experience so you can contiue to grow as a professional. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   mas21
    Very frustrating! The bad thing is everyone that is leaving has been there for 2 plus years. There are rumors our manager is writing people up to prevent transferring. He has only been our interm manager for 2 months now and we have lost about 8 people in that time and probably 4 more on the way out. This floor hires alot of their nurses as np's after they graduate so i think they are looking at it as a good thing. oh well i guess it is out of my hands.